Mission Statement: "Give our CHILDREN a Competitive Education©, TEACHERS a Voice and TAX PAYERS Relief."

About Mark A. Robertson


Tax Payer with Kids in WOPS, Community Leader, Business Executive and Former Educator

  • WOBOE: Vice President of the Board, NJSBA Delegate, Legislative Alternate and PR Committee Member. Led advocacy for over 20 improvements and new initiatives in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I), Guidance model modernization, and Fund Development
  • Yale Graduate: With a BA in History, credits and research experience in the sciences and psychology
  • 1 of 2 BOE Members with kids in WOPS (daughter in 5th and son in 10th)
  • Only BOE Member with Education Industry Experience: Education Non-Profits, Social Work, and Tutoring Urban Youth
    • For UNCF and INROADS: Strategic planning, research, scholarships, career development (internships, leadership training), fund development, alumni relations, marketing/PR, corporate and college partnerships, and diversity recruitment and training
    • Former psychiatric social worker: Case management, crisis counseling; managed a socialization program for Schizophrenic clients
  • Community Leadership Serving Children and Families:
    • Member of 4 WOPS PTAs in 10 Years: Mt. Pleasant, Edison Middle School PTA Board VP, Liberty, and WOHS
      • 2012, at EMS, started District’s 1st PTA Curriculum Committee, led a 300-person Parents Coalition, improving performance at EMS. On the BOE, continued EMS accountability/advocacy raising scores to historic levels
    • 10-Year Scout Leader: As Pack 10 Chair awarded Council’s Pack Chair of the Year; former Council Board; Troop 2 Committee
    • 8-Years MTL Coach: In-House Soccer and Basketball coach and former Trustee
    • West Orange African Heritage Organization: Member and Sponsor
  • 30-Years of Corporate and Nonprofit Management: Strategy, marketing, business development, digital publishing, partnerships



Providing passionate and informed ADVOCACY for Children, Parents, Teachers and Taxpayers is my first and most important role. Driving MEASURABLE and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in Student Academic Performance, and College and Career Readiness and OUTCOMES is my primary goal. Listening to Children, Parents, Teachers and Tax Payers and advocating for their needs, fosters awareness and cultivates insight that leads to relevant and effective POLICIES and initiatives.

My journey to the BOE began as a parent advocate and activist, driving measurable improvements in the performance of Edison Central-6th Middle School (EMS).  In 2012-13, my son attended EMS, and I discovered, from rumors and then research, that for the previous 8 years, 5th grade children who had scored “proficient” or “advanced proficiency,” in standardized tests, experienced their scores declining at EMS. In response to this news, I formed the District’s first and only PTA Curriculum Committee, and we appealed to the BOE. The Interim Superintendent and Board of Ed told us that it was some sort of “6th grade effect” caused by changing classes for the first time, adolescence and more difficult subject matter. Further research of top public schools, Yeshiva, Catholic and private schools indicated to us that this was not true of schools using best practices. Parents joined our ranks and augmented our voice, expanding  the  PTA Curriculum Committee into the 300-strong “Parents Coalition,” which included both EMS parents, some 5th grade parents, and members of the parents organization called “West Orange for Math” (WOFM).  I led the Parents Coalition in advocacy, sparking  changes including: Reorganization of Middle School Math management; improved “pacing” in math to cover all material on the standardized tests; expansion of “Accelerated Math” to include all “advanced proficient” students, evolving into Honors Math; increased rigor in English Language Arts and the reading of more classic novels; institution of standardized test prep for ALL kids, instead of only the lowest scoring 10%;   and the development of regular presentations and an ongoing dialogue between the PTA and subject Supervisors, enforcing accountability and fostering greater partnership. Our movement changed the dynamics for parent/administrator interaction for the entire district. Parents drafted me to run for the BOE and born was our campaign battle cry, “TOGETHER WE CAN!” As a result of our efforts, in 2014, NJASK scores for EMS 6th graders went up and the kids had higher scores than they had in 5th grade, for the first time in EMS’ history!


Paid for by the Election Fund of Robertson for West Orange Board of Education, Charles Kessler, Treasurer