Mission Statement: "Give our CHILDREN a Competitive Education©, TEACHERS a Voice and TAX PAYERS Relief."

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My Vision for West Orange Public Schools: To endow our Children with a world class, Competitive Education©…Parents with a supportive partnership, to help their kids… Taxpayers with relief and with top schools that raise property values….Teachers with a greater voice and our highest respect…Administrators with our support...and, in the town “Where Innovation Lives,” endow ALL of West Orange with public schools ranked in the top 25% in NJ, offering engineering and CODE programs K-8, computer language certification course 9-12, and corporate partnership funding. West Orange Public Schools will be a beacon attracting progressive businesses, and aspirational families.

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“A-B-C”  Education Excellence Platform


A: Accountability & Advocacy:

  • Accountability by Administration for
    • Budget/finance and operations efficiency, effectiveness and transparency
    • Delivering on metrics supporting measurable improvements and competitive performance in academics, college and career development
  • Advocacy as the passionate and relentless voice for the needs of children, parents and teachers to maximize student achievement, and advocacy for the Tax Payers , addressing the need to control costs and prioritize spending

B: Best Practices in Education:

  • Incorporate the best, most effective practices used by the highest performing public and private schools

C: Competitive Education©:

  • Empower students with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to compete globally

Focus for Advocacy and Policy for the Next 3 Years

  1. Finance/Budget: Fund Development growth (grants, donations, sponsorships and corporate partnerships) to expand programs (Currently, we only get $60,000 in annual renewal corporate grants for the Disco IT Program while other Districts bring in $500,000 to $75 Million); Freeze the Budget/Provide Tax Relief; improve efficiency and get rid of wasteful spending in Special Services Department and plan a path to expanding as a receiving district to bring in revenue; and provide greater transparency with detailed budget review during Open Public Meetings.

  2. Student Academic Performance: Increase focus on "kids in the middle” and the economically challenged 44% on "Free and Reduced Lunch"; advance Code and STEAM in elementary and middle schools; raise support and performance of ESL students, provide year-round tutoring and online language labs; improve support to/ partnerships with parents focused on their roles in student achievement; make Washington and Hazel a focus for STEAM and performance improvements; enhance rigor in non-honors K-8 courses; steward pull-through on Enrichment for all; and reform Guidance, Honors Criteria and Middle School HAP/G&T.

  3. Enhance College/Career Prep - Increase Conversion Rates/Outcomes and Career Readiness: Address college acceptance rates, early college and career planning (K-12), internships, career mentoring, alumni partnerships, improving standardized test prep for PSAT/SAT/ACT with 6 to 8 week programs integrated into the curricula and with supplementary afterschool groups; modernize the Guidance Counseling model K-12, which is now a District Goal; and improve support for/communication with parents.

  4. Create a 21st Century Learning Environment: Follow through on demographics study/Board Goal – The impact of apartment and housing developments could overwhelm already overcrowded elementary schools regardless of redistricting. Eliminate elementary school classroom reducing class sizes to 18-20 range (which correlates with student performance); create learning labs and STEAM programs.

  5. Improve Stakeholder Relations: Finalize Teacher Contracts. Conduct annual Teacher/Parent /Student "Climate Surveys"/focus groups. Follow through on improvements to the Guidance model and Special Services that impact Parents as well as Students.



 Representing Children, Families, Teachers & Tax Payers with an Independent Voice

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About Mark A. Robertson


Tax Payer with Kids in WOPS, Community Leader, Business Executive and Former Educator

  • WOBOE: Vice President of the Board, NJSBA Delegate, Legislative Alternate and PR Committee Member. Led advocacy for over 20 improvements and new initiatives in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I), Guidance model modernization, and Fund Development
  • Yale Graduate: With a BA in History, credits and research experience in the sciences and psychology
  • 1 of 2 BOE Members with kids in WOPS (daughter in 5th and son in 10th)
  • Only BOE Member with Education Industry Experience: Education Non-Profits, Social Work, and Tutoring Urban Youth
    • For UNCF and INROADS: Strategic planning, research, scholarships, career development (internships, leadership training), fund development, alumni relations, marketing/PR, corporate and college partnerships, and diversity recruitment and training
    • Former psychiatric social worker: Case management, crisis counseling; managed a socialization program for Schizophrenic clients
  • Community Leadership Serving Children and Families:
    • Member of 4 WOPS PTAs in 10 Years: Mt. Pleasant, Edison Middle School PTA Board VP, Liberty, and WOHS
      • 2012, at EMS, started District’s 1st PTA Curriculum Committee, led a 300-person Parents Coalition, improving performance at EMS. On the BOE, continued EMS accountability/advocacy raising scores to historic levels
    • 10-Year Scout Leader: As Pack 10 Chair awarded Council’s Pack Chair of the Year; former Council Board; Troop 2 Committee
    • 8-Years MTL Coach: In-House Soccer and Basketball coach and former Trustee
    • West Orange African Heritage Organization: Member and Sponsor
  • 30-Years of Corporate and Nonprofit Management: Strategy, marketing, business development, digital publishing, partnerships. More

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